1st Round Feedback About the Guide System



* Studied or Graduated from one of the scientific colleges:
 (Science - Agriculture - Pharmacy, Biotechnology - Vet. Medicine)?

* Lost and distracted between different fields & Unable to determine the most suitable job for you?
* You are applying for many jobs, but you have not been accepted for the jobs you are applying for ?
* You want to learn & Create your Career development plan and need to learn how to stick to the plans you make?
* Obtained various certificates and courses, and despite that, You did not find a suitable job?
* You want to explore other fields, but you're afraid of changing Your field.
* You need A GUIDE during your career journey?


If your answer is YES to one or more of the above questions,

don't worry the GUIDE training program is designed specifically for you.

✅ The Guide System is the first integrated practical training program in which I will help you step by step in a practical way that you will be ready for in record time.

✅ By attending this training, I will help you know how to stand out in the midst of the fierce competition that exists among graduates of scientific colleges (sciences - agriculture - pharmacy - veterinary medicine - biotechnology - ...) These colleges annually graduate thousands of graduates .. but of course not all of them are qualified and ready In the right way, and therefore your attendance to the program will be a real investment in your arrival faster than anyone else
✅ The training lasts 15 hours, practical training through Zoom.. at the rate of one meeting of 3 hours each week, so that you can apply the knowledge you learned during the meeting.

✅ If you apply for a lot of jobs, but you don’t accept that we work with each other so that you know where the problem is, and therefore this will save you a lot of time and effort that will be wasted because you are waiting for a response from companies that most of the time do not answer your emails ⏱

✅ This training program is completely different from what is found in the different courses and trainings spread online, offline, etc.. I promise you an enjoyable educational experience while at the same time helping you to continue until you reach the job opportunities that suit you.

✅ If you are distracted between different fields, you will be able during this training program, God willing, to get rid of distraction and confusion and choose the most appropriate field for you in a practical way, and thus you can develop in the field you choose faster than others.

✅ You will live the experience of the interview, because in one of the lectures with us, HR has done more than 2000 job interviews with various groups, starting from fresh graduates to corporate departments
This will greatly help you get rid of the fears of the interview and know the most common mistakes that can cause you to be rejected.. In addition, it will have a demo interview “as if you are in a real interview” 😍😍

✅ In this program, you will learn how to build a network of strong relationships and the way to communicate with them, because Linkedin is one of the strongest methods that will soon be much more important than CV, but you also know during our training journey how to make a professional CV that is compatible with ATS = programs that filter resumes.

✅ If you are still studying or even graduated and you are still fresh, or even you have experience and you are trying to change the field
This training program will be suitable for you because it is about an applied system and not theoretical talk
- But here, on an important note, the program is for first-class students and graduates of scientific faculties.. If you are a graduate (science-agriculture-pharmacy-veterinary medicine-biotechnology-...) then this training program will be most suitable for you to develop yourself professionally.

✅ If you would like to know more, you can view the profile of the program, and you will find it as the first choice in the chat .. And if you would like to register, you can go directly to “I want to attend the next batch” 🙏

🔗 If you have any questions, go to contact us in the list in the chat :)



The Guide System will help you to:

1. Discover A clearer pathway for your life and career.

2. Determine your values and unique strength points.

3. EXPLORE Different CAREER OPTIONS that match your skills, and abilities.

4. Learn how to Develop a learning plan and stick with it.

5. Defining how to Build an authentic network that supports your growth. 

6. Describe how to learn (language, Vocation knowledge, and soft skills)

7. You will learn how to Create an Outstanding CV 

8. Explain how to Craft a professional Linkedin account

9. Learn how to Overcome the most common fear of Job applicants:  

 (Interview Fear) => How to pass the Job Interview with Ease

10. Learn the most essential tools to have Integrated market knowledge. 

 And Much more...., Prepare to be AMAZED!😊💖

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